“Don’t  forget – no one  else  sees  the  world the  way  you  do, so no one  else  can tell the  stories  you  have to tell.” – Charles De Lint



At YfPI we aim at empowering individuals to build sustainable societies and a peaceful world.  With advancement in communication technology and increased migration, we see our societies are variable heterogeneous in more than one forms, increasing the importance of learning how to live together peacefully.  Tensions and conflicts among populations that have causes and impacts beyond national boundaries, and challenges for sustainable development, including climate change, also call for cooperation and collective actions at both global and local levels.


Such skills and values are to be incorporated into our educational curriculum taught especially in schools.  In our workshops influencing the youth of ages 16-24 we facilitate experiential learning sessions teaching our 4 pillars of Peace through fun and play activities.

  1.      Tolerance
  2.      Inclusiveness
  3.      Empathy
  4.      Non-Violence


We believe teaching is best learned and sustained when they are utilized for on ground purposes.

Every workshop has a unique module tailored as per the geopolitical factors and interest fields of the participants called as “Peacebuilders” and results in a new initiative addressing an issue which the participants think can help build peace.

A typical workshop would see Peacebuilders dancing and practicing play for peace activities, identifying factors which distinguish them from others and learning how these could help them collaborate and not compete against each other to come out with a unique initiative in the end.

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