Aaghaz-e Dosti Yatra


We’ve ever since read and learnt about peace revolutions and peace movements in theory and in chapters of our books but when i was a part of such movement myself, i learnt a lot more and better because of that experience.
All of the Yatris as we call them-from different walks of life, of different age groups and of different regions but united by the belief in the same ideology that is of peace came together to spread it’s message. My experience amongst these people was very precious and one that I’ll hold most dear to me all my life.
Children and students from 1st and 9th standard taught me how age is just a number and it is really the enthusiasm which matters the most. Seeing them rekindled the fire we all hold within.
Theatre art group, a group of young energetic people taught me the importance and power of chanting naaras and what great of a difference it makes on the common public!
All the activists, journalists, and people who’ve devoted all their lives to this cause of bringing friendship between the two countries taught me that dedication and diligence goes a long way!
In these 3 days i felt wholeheartedly welcome and was motivated to speak my stance! From the people to places and organizations we met along the way, all supported us in our cause and gave us their blessings to complete our yatra.
The seminar, on Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Philosophy of coexistence had many speakers like Siddhartha Varadarajan from the Wire, Syeda Hameed -former member of the planning commission, Kamla Bhasin an indian activist, Ravi Nitesh from Aaghaz-e Dosti, and many more spoke and moved the audience to march for peace with candles on the Wagah Border. For me peace is the fire that does not burns but it ignites. It ignited the spirit of inquilab in me. It revealed to me it’s true power resides in moving hearts.
                                                                                                     –Savvi Singhal