A chat with Siddhi Pal

We see, we understand, but the quest to bring the change remains questionable and absent. A simple Facebook post can change lives, the mere gist and the ability to question stereotypes and changing them for good is what counts. Siddhi Pal, a Second Year student from Ashoka University, is breaking chains and mind-sets by launching an international e-magazine on Gender and Sexuality ‘The Thrive+’.
Sharing real life stories that have the caliber to change the outlook towards the LGBT Community and Gender stereotypes in our society has been predominant. For her the motivation to change the way people react to anyone opening up about their sexuality, came from a mere Facebook Post. The Posts which everybody laughed at and probably has
forgotten but Siddhi took the initiative to inculcate the value of empathy to the current frowns upon the Gender Stereotypes. The basic instinct of questioning lies within everyone, but to turn those questions into something that is driven towards the potential to change something is what makes you exceptional.

Her initiative is driven towards only one mission; to create a sustainable global community that accept diversities in every shape and form. ‘The Thrive+’ works at the model of bringing about change by motivating youth by stories from youth. It is a youth volunteer based publication based on the theme of ‘Gender and Sexuality’. Stories, ideas from youth are provided a platform to inspire young people across the globe. They have teams in 6 countries and the readership is over 7000 people per month in 13 countries. Their aim is to create a positive behavioural change through real life stories.

“This is basic, the stories we receive are so inspiring and motivating that they push us to do the work we are doing, a lot of people have come out through our magazine” Siddhi said with the spark and shine of her passion.

Each life has the potential to inspire change; ‘Thrive’ is the forum to share every story.