The world I  envision in 2030 is one in which females are no longer victims but powerful and  frontline.They possess the ability to change their own future and the world.Every woman and girl has the ability and opportunity to plan her future,get an education ,earn an income,have a family if and when she wants.  There should not be a societal obligation of getting married just because of age confinements or merely to not become an abomination.

A world where females are free to make decisions about body and life.And we can get to this in the future only when we get it right for women and girls now.

Where girls have equal opportunities as boys.They get to go to school as well as complete it,be happy ,safe,and come under the head count.

A world where instead of talking about women men talk with women.Where they equally shine  in apparently  masculine fields .If women can handle the men managing big corporations then they can sure as hell handle the corporations as well.Where the sight of girls playing a game like soccer is not mocked at but appreciated.Where people watch the Women’s FIFA World Cup (rather are aware that it happens) with equal craze as men’s.Where more countries are run by women.Women share if not more but atleast half of the seats on the board and in the parliament.

Mehak Garg

Picture Credits: Kunal Raj