Food uniting Indo-Pak by Aishley Verma

Every country, region and even local regional people have their own taste and to cater to that everyone has their own style of food, dishes and own recipes. In sub-continent, while Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have hundreds of dishes related to rice and fishes alone, its the rich Pakistani and Indian culture that have thousands if not millions of recipes. In Pakistan, we have regional dishes and food and then there are dishes popular country wide. The food and recipes are inspired from neighbouring Afghanistan, Punjab has a rich culture, Sindh and Balochistan have their own traditional food. Some
traditional and popular food throughout stand apart all and are equally liked by everyone.

The breakfast, lunch, dinner,desserts everything has some way or the other some similarities. North Indian food is highly influenced by the Afghan flavor lent by the Afghan invaders. this makes a parallel between the Indian culture and at the end of the story drawing a parallel these two countries.

Following are dishes which really famous and common across the country and masses. These are follows:
1) Sewai (desserts):
Sewai has always been a romantic dessert
– one that celebrates the romance of  the land’s history, the warmth
of Pakistani hospitality, the cool sea breeze of the coast of the
Arabian Sea and the love we have for our Land of the Pure (the literal
meaning of the word Pakistan). It highlights all the aromas used in
our desserts, ones borrowed from our Mughal heritage, Irani influences
and Muslim traditions.
This is one of the most significant dish of Muslims festival Eid, also
in common with Indian sweet dish.

2) Biryani and Pulaos:
Biryani and Pakistani foods are
directly linked. No Pakistani feast is complete without its presence.
It is basically a South Indian dish but it became a smashing hit in
Pakistan for people here are crazy about it. It is made from rice and
meat of any type. Biryani took many forms and shapes and even recipe
variations here such as Mutton Biryani, Sindhi BIryani, Tikka Biryani,
aalo Biryani etc.
Similarly, Pulao comes second after it. It has many forms and methods
of cooking because of the variation of culture and differences of

3) Makki ki roti sarso ka saag:
Makai ki Roti with
Sarsoon da saag is a famous Punjabi recipe. It involves mustard
leaves, makai flour and that’s it. Whenever there is a need to
represent village culture of Pakistan, it is shown to be eaten.

4) Kabbabs/ naan:
Naan Kababs are not dishes actually but
kind of essential add-ons or pop-ups of a Pakistani dining table.
Kebab is made from minced meat and naan with flour dough. There is a
wide variety of kababs in a Pakistani dinner table like Shami Kabab,
Tikka Kabab, Gola Kabab, Seekh Kabab, Aalo kabab, Chapli Kabab,
Chappli Kabab and many more.They are either used together or
separately or with other dishes such as Pualo Kabab, Bun kabab or naan
nehari etc.
Naan also has many forms like Qeema Nan, Aalo Nan, Roghni Nan and so
on, especially Roghni naan is very popular among Pakistanis.
These two are popular in Pakistan as well as in India.

5) Korma and Nehari:
Korma & Nehari are also yummy
Pakistani food items. Meat is involved in cooking both the dishes.
People enjoy eating them on special occasions such as weddings,
dinners, parties and hangouts etc.

6) Halwa Puri:
Halwa Puri is the last but not least especial
breakfast item of Pakistan. It is originated from Punjab but famous
all over the world for its yummy taste and halwa eye-catching color.
Halwa is a sweet dish that involves Suji, a kind of flour and sugar
majorly; while Puri is made out of gram-flour and then deep fried in
the oil.
the above discussed food items are enjoyed by Pakistani and the
Indians on their festivals, irrespective of their religion.