Peace knows no borders by Balmei Daime

To think beyond the control accessing to a large range of our minds exclusively of perpetual peace. Time will tell yet peace is the reflection of our actions.

A novel soon to be launch was available for a pre-order on online shopping site, however, a reader across the border couldn’t ordered a copy despite her enthusiasm to read a promising fantastic novel due to error in geographical zip codes. To surprise the author of the book responded to her and resolved to her depression. The author promise to ship her copy along with a signed photo framed. Such is a very kind gesture and flame of love.

This is one instance, to ensure we can do more and much better. This is a significant implication to fortifying the social fabrics. The generations have paid for under assorted exertions to keep peace on
earth and we (youth) are responsible to take ahead the legacy more vibrant and far more reaching.

To quote Dwight D. Eisenhower, ‘we seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.’ Independence has to be justified only when peace is delivered to people. All we are doing is sending a great message to people across the borders helping them to restore their faith in their dream of oneness. It is everyone’s dream to manifest our greatness through peace. We are destined to bring alive the past glory of great civilizations and generations back when once we lived in as a thali. With foods of each bowl in thali giving different taste combines to give a delicious meal. Here to decide the challenge; seek to dim the imaginary border through formulating and reforming the thought process, to explore the lasting theme of peace.

When storms raged, ‘peace be still’ that is the hope. Young minds be optimistic. And we believe in possibility.