Indo-Pak Relations by Palak Aggarwal

I was to write an article about India – Pakistan. It , for some moment, kept me in confusion and perhaps still that confusion is on but let me proceed and ask my true self , keeping all political & geographical issues aside what actually I think about both the countries. Both the countries or one country became two. One family became two. The issue became tough ever since we became two.Somebody well said – ” Dost , dost na raha , pyar, pyar na raha, zindagi hame tera aitbaar na raha “. In respect to India – Pakistan , I feel the same situation. sometimes I feel that ever since we got separated there is not a single day when for a moment we gladly appreciated each other. Even if the civilian of both countries wishes to bond without any animosity, other political & geographical problem continuously bombard us in microsecond which is not allowing to come closer for a second . The question is can we live like this forever ? In my opinion , a fresh approach and mindset need to be developed from both sides to take this relationship to a new level. Some opinion makers feel  let us leave and accept that this relation will continue like this and even if we don’t relate , we can live without each other. Is it a right thinking . It is like this if one part of your body is disturbed then you have two options either you remove that part or repair it but you can’t live it like this. Therefore, the question of removing is absolutely foolish , even if, anyone from both the country ever tries reason being there would be more losses than gain as both the country is equipped with nuclear power. It would be difficult repair the loss that would occur .Hence, the mature step would be at least on a civilian level, keep trying . Let us meet & bridge the gaps wherever we can . Let us not get provoked by those who are not in a mood see both of us to live in harmony. And chant this song – ” Hum honge kamyab ek din “.

  • by Palak Aggarwal