Back I Went To My Paradise

Holy deity beautiful, mother of mine ,
Where were you lost when all day long I did whine?
Those live giving hands of yours didn’t they tremble ?
When I did beg for life in a voice so humble .
Always I do contemplate, was it so easy to let me go ,
Fortitude was just required to say a big NO .
Safe and cozy I felt in your abode inside ,
Those mellifluous lullabies of yours were my only pride .
Came near thee , pounced u so hard ,
In a ridiculous way they looked it all sounded so absurd .
The breathtaking pain , it
drifted me off to sleep ,
A force so strong it
pulled me deep .
Started losing strength oh holy ! I felt so weak ,
I was in the hands of a man he was a terrible geek .
Up I did woke , to a beating sound ,
Not around was my mother , she was nowhere to be found .
Feeling was I high up in the air ,
Yes I was in the arms of the one who really did care .
Tender were his arms full of love so deep ,
I was assured that never again was i going to weep .
I felt so warm in his lap of love ,
Yes delivered was I to my father above .