Empowering Individuals For Sustainable Socities

We are surrounded by disturbing incidents of refugee crises, violent extremism, terrorism. Have you ever desired to contribute and make a change? Do you want to channelize your skills & potential in advocacy and grassroots programmes for ensuring peace?

Join us to build Peace

Humankind is facing some terrible challenges to peace and security in the form of scarcity, violence, terrorism, refugee crisis, inequality and climate change. While we do raise concerns, the education system centered on theory and rote-learning, coupled with parental pressure to stick to mundane academia, fails to incorporate a holistic & practical approach that helps us develop skills to tackle these challenges. Recognizing the threat to stability and development posed by the rise of violence and the importance of the action and voices of youth, the United Nations Security Council adopted the Resolution 2250 on the 9th of December, 2015. Numerous international agencies are also more than willing to invest in youth projects for peace, and we Despite having the largest youth population are unable to realize the potential.

Concerned with the inefficiency of such an educational system, Youth for Peace International presents a 3-day workshop on ‘Empowering Youth to Build Sustainable Societies’ to inspire the youth and stress on peace building and conflict transformation mechanisms, through experiential learning. Rather than being a conventional ‘one-way monolog’ or a seminar, it includes a variety of brainstorming sessions, discussions, team projects and a fair share of fun and frolic. The workshop aims to emphasize the importance of sustainability and empathy and techniques for addressing conflict. The different sessions also incorporate role-plays to stimulate real-time negotiation processes. Most importantly, the students will be involved in analyzing, understanding and framing projects and plans, which will be implemented in actual situations.

Registration fee – 1000 per participant. The fee will be collected post registration, we will contact you for this soon.

Read more about the Workshop from here.

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