Tracing the Architecture of India and Pakistan by Ishaan Sudan

It is only after the partition in 1947,  that the Indian empire got divided into India and Pakistan .The history of the Indian empire includes the prehistoric settlements and societies in the Indian subcontinent; the blending of the Indus Valley Civilization and Indo-Aryan culture into the Vedic Civilization; the development of Hinduism as a synthesis of various Indian cultures and traditions ; the growth of Muslim dynasties during the Medieval period intertwined with Hindu powers; the advent of European traders resulting in the establishment of the British rule; and the subsequent independence movement that led to the Partition of India and the creation of the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Prior to their separation, India and Pakistan shared the same heritage and culture, similarities of which are evident to this day.

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Food uniting Indo-Pak by Aishley Verma

Every country, region and even local regional people have their own taste and to cater to that everyone has their own style of food, dishes and own recipes. In sub-continent, while Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have hundreds of dishes related to rice and fishes alone, its the rich Pakistani and Indian culture that have thousands if not millions of recipes. In Pakistan, we have regional dishes and food and then there are dishes popular country wide. The food and recipes are inspired from neighbouring Afghanistan, Punjab has a rich culture, Sindh and Balochistan have their own traditional food. Some
traditional and popular food throughout stand apart all and are equally liked by everyone.

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Connected at Heart by Bella Patel

Recently, Pakistan Army director general military operations (DGMO) called his Indian counterpart and offered assistance for the rescue of Indian Army personnel who went missing after an avalanche hit the Siachen glacier area.
Ten Indian soldiers were feared buried in an avalanche that hit Siachen glacier in the India-held portion of Kashmir on Wednesday, The soldiers were hit while on duty at a post at an altitude of 19,000 feet.

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Pukaar by Priyamvada Rana


मैने ढूंदना चाहा उस लकीर को,
जिसने मिट्टी को हमारी बाँटा था,
शायद उन्ही लकीरों के जंजाल मे फंस कर,
मेरा तार तुमतक ना पहुंच पाता था…

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Bollywood going beyond borders by Ashri Khandelwal

Needless to say, everyone is well aware about our relations with neighbouring country Pakistan and the usual conflicts that crops up every now and then, because of which we never had an affectionate bond with them. But, what we are unaware about is that in bits and parts we really are connected with them and share common things. We all are children of this mother land, just divided by a transparent wall, which as an obstacle prevent us to grow this seed of bond with our brothers Pakistanis.

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