Guidelines to the Youth for Conflict Resolution


Today, there are 1.2 billion people worldwide that come within the age bracket of 10-24 years of age. This is nearly 1 in every 6 people that reside over the globe. This massive bloc of people has the potential to be the most active and influential group, however, with the continued disenfranchisement of youth, it makes this age demographic a breeding ground for fostering extremism. That is a trend we must reduce and these are a few ways in which youth can help in tackling conflict and building peace:

  • Make proper use of social media: 

    It is a well-known fact that the youth of today, disproportionately excessively uses social media when compared to other age groups. However, this does not have to be a negative thing. In the age of internet, it is very easy to get information across to others and to get information from others to you. When social media is used as a positive resource, it can do wonders for those using it. For example, if one wants to protest the vote on a bill by one’s local government, then one can just tweet for help and get multiple ready to go.

    A large part of advocacy is trying to get relevant information to as many people as one can and social media provides the perfect platform for this. At Youth for Peace International, we believe that a tweet can educate tens, an article hundreds and a protest, thousands and that everyone should make the most of this opportunity.



  • Getting involved in your community:

    Anyone who has ever been in a conflict zone or a conflict prone area can attest to the difficulty of movement in that region, however even in times like that, there are multiple ways to get involved. Becoming a grassroots activist in your neighbourhood can be a great way to keep getting out there and engaging with your community. We can see through the examples of Hong Kong, how neighbourhood activism sprouted into one of the largest protests on Chinese soil and through the example of Brazil, how grassroots activism can manage to get even heads of state impeached. Facing adversity is natural and omnipresent but it is how one responds to adversity that shows their dedication and commitment.


  • Joining organisations with goals similar to your own:

    Human beings are their best selves when faced with problems and that is true in this scenario as well. Whenever there are regions in turmoil, organisations such as the UN and its member bodies develop humanitarian missions and host conferences to find solutions to the existent problems.

    These talks and conferences are only successful when a number of people have an interest in finding resolving the conflict come together and give opinions and form solutions. There have been multiple aid missions to countries in need of help and rebuilding which have been partial or complete successes thanks to the support of the people in and around the region.


The youth of today, have been largely ignored when it comes to government and policy decisions but together, we can change that fact. As peacebuilders and as young custodians of this world, it falls upon us to make sure that we do not tear each other apart but live together in harmony and we can only achieve that when we act as one and work together. It may not be cut and dry or easy, but it is without a doubt, essential and rewarding.



Picture Credits: Kunal Raj


Hindustan ho ya Pakistan, baat to ek hi hai by Kshitija Chand

Hindustan ho ya Pakistan bat toh ek he hai.
Kon kehta hai Hindustan or Pakistan do alag desh hai?
Pakistan mei bhi kal azaadi ka jashan manaya gya tha
Aaj Hindustan mei bhii azaadi ka jashan manaya ja rha hai
Jab waha ke logo mei bhi khushi hai
Jab yaha ke logo mei bhi khushi hai
Toh kis bat ki ek dusre se rusiii hai?
Pakistan ne bhi apna ghr jee jan se paya tha
Hindustan ne bhi apna ghr jee jaan se paya tha
The vo sath tab jab unhone ek dusre ke sath milkar angreezo ko bhagaya tha

Par kismat bhi ajeeb hai.
Alag he khel khela tha ek taraf khushi se sabki jholi bhari thi
Toh dusri aur bhai se bhai ka rishta toda tha
Saal beth gye
Bhai bhai se aur ruth gyaa
Aur dur aur dur hota gyaa
Beech mei aagyi ek deewar jise khatam karna haii hamara antim chahat
Par kya yeh sambhav hai?

Bhai miljae bhai se
Ek hojae pyaar se
Umang faila deh har aur se
Kyuki Hindustan ho ya Pakistan bat toh ek he hai…..

Connected at Heart by Bella Patel

Recently, Pakistan Army director general military operations (DGMO) called his Indian counterpart and offered assistance for the rescue of Indian Army personnel who went missing after an avalanche hit the Siachen glacier area.
Ten Indian soldiers were feared buried in an avalanche that hit Siachen glacier in the India-held portion of Kashmir on Wednesday, The soldiers were hit while on duty at a post at an altitude of 19,000 feet.

In other news, Geeta, a deaf-mute woman in her early 20s, is finally back in India today after spending 13 years in Pakistan.

The Hindu woman was about 11-years-old when she had wandered over one of the world’s most militarised borders and landed in Lahore. It is not yet clear how she crossed the border. Her story has captivated both Pakistanis and Indians after a Bollywood film with a similar plot was released in 2015. In the movie, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, actor Salman Khan plays an Indian man who travels to Pakistan to reunite a deaf-mute girl with her family.
In Geeta’s homecoming, on the other hand, one of Pakistan’s largest charity organisations has played hero.

Do you still think we are apart? We are connected at heart. We don’t even need similarities to be united.

Pukaar by Priyamvada Rana


मैने ढूंदना चाहा उस लकीर को,
जिसने मिट्टी को हमारी बाँटा था,
शायद उन्ही लकीरों के जंजाल मे फंस कर,
मेरा तार तुमतक ना पहुंच पाता था…

मोहोब्बत से गुलज़ार था मेरा दिल,
इश्क़ करने से इसे मैने भी नहीं रोका,
उन वादियओं में मोहोब्बत का आग़ाज़,
तो मेरा मन कबसे करना चाहता था।

“शायद ‘कश्मीर’ क पहाड़ बहुत ऊँचे होंगे”,
कहकर मैने खुद को समझाया था,
हो ना हो उन्ही से टकराकर,
ख़त मेरा वापस आता था।

‘झेलम’ क किनारे कितनी बार बैठ,
लिखा मैने मोहोंब्बत का अफ़साना था,
‘उनके’ डर से बहती थी झेलम भी उल्टी,
इसलिए वो खत सिर्फ़ मुझतक ही रहजाता था।

‘थार’ के रेगिस्तान मे भी मैने,
उस ग़ज़ल को अपनी दफ़नाया था,
शायद धूमिल हो चले थे वो अक्षर,
जिनसे संदेश मैने अपना पिरोया था।

ये मन आज भी भरता है पन्ने,
उसको ना बंदूक,ना मज़हब का डर है,
जिज्ञासु है आज भी जानने के लिए,
की तुम्हारा हाल उस पार कैसा है,

इसे ख़त कहो या संदेश,
ये अब मेरे मन का दर्पण बन चुका है,
जो मिले वो खत तुम्हे तो देखना,
उस शीशे मै क्या तुम्हें भी कोइ अपना दिखता है!

By Priyamvadha Rana

Bollywood going beyond borders by Ashri Khandelwal

Needless to say, everyone is well aware about our relations with neighbouring country Pakistan and the usual conflicts that crops up every now and then, because of which we never had an affectionate bond with them. But, what we are unaware about is that in bits and parts we really are connected with them and share common things. We all are children of this mother land, just divided by a transparent wall, which as an obstacle prevent us to grow this seed of bond with our brothers Pakistanis. I am really happy to share some instances when our Bollywood stars nailed it by speaking for the Pakistanis by telling that we do are no different from Pakistanis in fact, we are brothers just living in two other countries and we love them but hesitant to show the same. Therefore we should join hands and break this stereotype in a bollywood style!
Richa Chadda, is an Indian actress who works in hindi films and is well known for her marvellous acting skills as a supporting actress several times. Recently, she was in Australia with Fawad khan and Anurag kashyap for attending Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. Naturally, celebrities have to interact with media too and so this journalist questioned Fawad Khan about differences between Pak and India. To this Richa Chadda answered cutting in , on behalf of the Pakistani actor and said “You know we were colonised by the British for a really long time.. I am sorry if i am offending anybody here, but if you look at worldwide history, every time the British left an empire, they divided it. Whether it was North Korea or South Korea, then there was Germany. It is a part of the strategy to keep political unrest to sort of maintain a global kind of, I am sorry but your question to me doesn’t make sense because I WILL HAVE FAR MORE IN COMMON WITH FAWAD KHAN because i am from North of India than I will have with somebody who is a tam brah or may be Malayali or from the North East. I think we should avoid stereotyping in questioning or creating some kind of contradiction here because the whole intent and especially art does not really have any borders”.
Bollywood superstar Salman Khan adds to the list of stars speaking out against intolerance and in support of Pakistani stars working in India. Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor said “ If someone wants a Pakistani actor who can portray a role better, nobody can put a constraint. Bollywood has a huge number of fans in Pakistan and earns a good share of income from the neighbouring country. India love to watch each and every entertainment show, including popular Pakistani shows.”
While, Pakistani Director Saboha Sumar of the critically- acclaimed film ‘Khamosh Pani’ also shared her great thought to build up our relation with them. The 53 year old filmmaker said that “Cinema can bridge the gap between the two nations only when exchange of artistes takes place. There should be a co- production treaty between India and Pakistan. It is cheaper to shoot in Pakistan as compared to India and therefore Iniian filmmakers could really benefit. Our actors are loved by Indians and are popular as well. It can be a win- win situation for both the sides.”
From copying various fashion trends, lifestyle inspired by their life, we do follow our favourite celebs in every walk of our lives. Then why not, share common thought of breaking the bad notion about Pakistanis? It’s all on us. We can make this flop relation a blockbuster one and start loving them as our brothers. This simple step may do miracles , as every drop counts.

Sarhad Ke Uss Paar by Chandan Mukherjee

Bare apno se lagte hai vo, jo Sarhad ke us par rehte hai
hum jaise nehi hai vo, log aksar aisa kehte hai….
Ajnabee ban chuke hai aaj, jo kabhi apne the,
rishto ka kabrastan hai vaha,jaha kabhi hasin sapne rehte the.

Jane pehchane se chehre the, ab to dhundle dhundle lagte hai,
zameen pai kichi thi lakeere kabhi, ab dilo mai darare dikhte hai.
Mundero par baithe chiriya gati thi jaha, aaj vaha par chikhe sunai deti hai,
jin maidano mai mele saj te the kabhi,aaj vaha par lashey dikhayi deti hai.

Ido mai jinke sino se lagte the, aaj unki darkane ,kyu sunai nehi deti ?
jin galio mai saath bachpan guzra tha ,aaj vo galia bhi dikhayi nehi deti.
Ghao the jo kabhi ,waqt ke saath ,aaj nasoor ban chuke hai,
is dil ne itna dard sameta hai, ki ye lab gungunana bhool chuke hai.

Yado ke Jungalo mai bhagta rehta hai dil,par jazbaat hai ke thakta nehi,
tute yado par ro parti hai aankhe,par in aansuo ka hisab koi rakhta nehi.
Bhoole nehi bhool ti vo sevaiyo ka swad, vo urte patang bhi bare yaad aate hai,
samne aate hai jab vo guzre lamhe ,to aankho se aansu chalak jate hai,

Bare apno se lagte hai vo, jo Sarhad ke us par rehte hai,
hum jaise nehi hai vo, log aksar aisa kehte hai…..

~ Chandan Mukherjee

With a Pinch of Pakistan by Sourav Das

11:00 AM. I wake up on a bright, sunny Sunday morning to some exotic smell emanating from the kitchen. Mother is cooking something wonderful for lunch! Thank god for a Sunday! Hurriedly, I wake up, brush my teeth and rush to the kitchen to satisfy my curious mind, and stomach. It’s BIRIYANI! I can’t contain my excitement. I am ready to skip breakfast to make space for as much biriyani as I can. I sit down in the kitchen to observe mom as she cooks my favourite dish. As I watch my mother go throu the rigours of kitchen work to make the biriyani as yummy as possible, I notice the masalas she is using. It carries the brand name Shan. To the best of my knowledge, all thanks to the endless advertisements during daily soaps my mom watches, I have never heard of Shan. So, I ask my mom about it. As it turns out, mom had planned to make Sindhi biriyani today. And Shan is the best masala for Sindhi biriyani. Delving further into the matter, I get to know that Shan is actually a Pakistani brand from a company called Shan foods. Shan’s best-sellers in India are those that pack a punch in rich, sub-continental non-vegetarian cooking. Spices for shahi haleem mix, Bombay Biryani, chappli kebab mix, Lahori fish and nihari are some of Shan’s products that have found their way into Indian kitchens. Shan Foods, founded in 1981 in Karachi started as a one-room/family spices recipe/small orders business. It now sells spices in 65 countries and founder and chief executive Sikander Sultan is considered the guru of Pakistan’s packaged food industry. My great love for Sindhi biriyani, which is basically from the Sindh region of Pakistan, coupled with the use of Pakistani masalas, made my lunch an heavenly affair that day.

After a particularly delicious, and heavy lunch, I sit down with my dad to watch a cricket match. I am not a big fan of cricket, but my dad is. It’s an IPL match between my dad’s favorite team KKR and Delhi Daredevils. I start asking him unnecessary questions about KKR just for the sake of reaping some beneficial information. I ask him,” Dad, who is the bowling coach of KKR?”. “ Wasim Akram”, he says, without paying much interest. But my curiosity is piqued. Wasim Akram? Let’s Google him and see what come up. I have heard about him a couple of times but never bothered to find out about him. As it turns out, Wasim Akram was a very prominent Pakistani cricket team player and one of the best fast bowlers of all time. ‘The Sultan of Swing’ they used to call him. He was the first bowler to reach the 500 wicket mark in ODIs. No wonder the KKR team wanted him to coach them.

Apart from the relevant information, nothing much about the cricket match interested me. So I grabbed my phone and whiled away my time. Surfing through featured videos of YouTube, I came across one from Coke Studio, Man Amadeh Am, a song sung by Atif Aslam and Gul Panrra. Atif Aslam, a Pakistani by birth, is quite a rage in India. But the other name sounded new. On researching, I found out that that she is Pashtu singer from Pakistan and ‘Man Amadeh am’ literally means ‘ I have to come to you’. Apart from this particular song, I found various others where Pakistani singers teamed up with Indian singers to compose wonderful melodies. Moreover, I discovered a new platform for singers, this one in Pakistan. Nescafe basement, where budding Pakistani artists sing hit Hindi and English songs. And it is simply amazing!
The day passed as soon as it came. Hoping to watch some TV shows, I moved to the leisure room. However, my mom had beaten me to it. She was already glued to it, watching repeat telecasts of her favourite tv shows. Having nothing better to do, I sat down beside her. She was watching some daily soap called Aadhe Adhure on Zindagi channel. Surprisingly, I found the content interesting. It was not based on a context, although the language and the setting looked Indian. Upon enquiring, I found out that Zindagi was a Pakistani channel offering a host of interesting daily soaps to Indian consumers. My mother was a fan of the channel and various shows on it. I spent the rest of the evening watching daily soaps with her.

Retiring to my bed at night, I suddenly realised that Indian life was filled with Pakistani nuances. Right from the food we eat to the shows we watch to the sports we play, India and Pakistan were connected. In spite of all the sour relationships, we are brothers, Indians and Pakistanis. We were part of the same territory once and putting up political boundaries doesn’t change that fact. We must connect and interact more through channels of art, food and culture to develop a fruitful. Long lasting neighbours. After all, our Indian lives are spiced up with a pinch of Pakistan.

– By Sourav Das

Peace knows no borders by Balmei Daime

To think beyond the control accessing to a large range of our minds exclusively of perpetual peace. Time will tell yet peace is the reflection of our actions.

A novel soon to be launch was available for a pre-order on online shopping site, however, a reader across the border couldn’t ordered a copy despite her enthusiasm to read a promising fantastic novel due to error in geographical zip codes. To surprise the author of the book responded to her and resolved to her depression. The author promise to ship her copy along with a signed photo framed. Such is a very kind gesture and flame of love.

This is one instance, to ensure we can do more and much better. This is a significant implication to fortifying the social fabrics. The generations have paid for under assorted exertions to keep peace on
earth and we (youth) are responsible to take ahead the legacy more vibrant and far more reaching.

To quote Dwight D. Eisenhower, ‘we seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.’ Independence has to be justified only when peace is delivered to people. All we are doing is sending a great message to people across the borders helping them to restore their faith in their dream of oneness. It is everyone’s dream to manifest our greatness through peace. We are destined to bring alive the past glory of great civilizations and generations back when once we lived in as a thali. With foods of each bowl in thali giving different taste combines to give a delicious meal. Here to decide the challenge; seek to dim the imaginary border through formulating and reforming the thought process, to explore the lasting theme of peace.

When storms raged, ‘peace be still’ that is the hope. Young minds be optimistic. And we believe in possibility.

Indo-Pak Relations by Palak Aggarwal

I was to write an article about India – Pakistan. It , for some moment, kept me in confusion and perhaps still that confusion is on but let me proceed and ask my true self , keeping all political & geographical issues aside what actually I think about both the countries. Both the countries or one country became two. One family became two. The issue became tough ever since we became two. Somebody well said – ” Dost , dost na raha , pyar, pyar na raha, zindagi hame tera aitbaar na raha “. In respect to India – Pakistan , I feel the same situation. sometimes I feel that ever since we got separated there is not a single day when for a moment we gladly appreciated each other. Even if the civilian of both countries wishes to bond without any animosity, other political & geographical problem continuously bombard us in microsecond which is not allowing to come closer for a second . The question is can we live like this forever ? In my opinion , a fresh approach and mindset need to be developed from both sides to take this relationship to a new level. Some opinion makers feel  let us leave and accept that this relation will continue like this and even if we don’t relate , we can live without each other. Is it a right thinking . It is like this if one part of your body is disturbed then you have two options either you remove that part or repair it but you can’t live it like this. Therefore, the question of removing is absolutely foolish , even if, anyone from both the country ever tries reason being there would be more losses than gain as both the country is equipped with nuclear power. It would be difficult repair the loss that would occur .Hence, the mature step would be at least on a civilian level, keep trying . Let us meet & bridge the gaps wherever we can . Let us not get provoked by those who are not in a mood see both of us to live in harmony. And chant this song – ” Hum honge kamyab ek din “.

  • by Palak Aggarwal

That One Tear by Poonam Sharma

Candle still lights
Wind still blows.
Love between our hearts
Even now flows.

Blood in our veins
Has the same colour.
Same is the passion
Common our valour.

Love is all around
Faith still abounds
Then where’s the difference?
I think just one.

A storm of hatred
Has sweeped the air.
That was once pure
And happily did we share.

What’s now left
Is just one tear.
That has blurred eyes
And we can’t see clear.

-Poonam Sharmav

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