A Bond to Remember, Restore and Pamper by Anamta Nadeem

Introspect in you the very meaning of a bond you are willing to take for keeps be it with anyone, anything or with you only, it has to have a silver lining of trust and peace. We all want peace but do we really understand what does this word of five letters means. Though it has perspective clashes ranging from person to person but they all directs towards something that has freedom, that has tranquility leading to build relations, to prosper bonds and to overcome the evils.

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Guidelines to the Youth for Conflict Resolution


Today, there are 1.2 billion people worldwide that come within the age bracket of 10-24 years of age. This is nearly 1 in every 6 people that reside over the globe. This massive bloc of people has the potential to be the most active and influential group, however, with the continued disenfranchisement of youth, it makes this age demographic a breeding ground for fostering extremism.

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Connected at Heart by Bella Patel

Recently, Pakistan Army director general military operations (DGMO) called his Indian counterpart and offered assistance for the rescue of Indian Army personnel who went missing after an avalanche hit the Siachen glacier area.
Ten Indian soldiers were feared buried in an avalanche that hit Siachen glacier in the India-held portion of Kashmir on Wednesday, The soldiers were hit while on duty at a post at an altitude of 19,000 feet.

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Pukaar by Priyamvada Rana


मैने ढूंदना चाहा उस लकीर को,
जिसने मिट्टी को हमारी बाँटा था,
शायद उन्ही लकीरों के जंजाल मे फंस कर,
मेरा तार तुमतक ना पहुंच पाता था…

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Bollywood going beyond borders by Ashri Khandelwal

Needless to say, everyone is well aware about our relations with neighbouring country Pakistan and the usual conflicts that crops up every now and then, because of which we never had an affectionate bond with them. But, what we are unaware about is that in bits and parts we really are connected with them and share common things. We all are children of this mother land, just divided by a transparent wall, which as an obstacle prevent us to grow this seed of bond with our brothers Pakistanis.

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With a Pinch of Pakistan by Sourav Das

11:00 AM. I wake up on a bright, sunny Sunday morning to some exotic smell emanating from the kitchen. Mother is cooking something wonderful for lunch! Thank god for a Sunday! Hurriedly, I wake up, brush my teeth and rush to the kitchen to satisfy my curious mind, and stomach. It’s BIRIYANI! I can’t contain my excitement. I am ready to skip breakfast to make space for as much biriyani as I can.

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Indo-Pak Relations by Palak Aggarwal

I was to write an article about India – Pakistan. It , for some moment, kept me in confusion and perhaps still that confusion is on but let me proceed and ask my true self , keeping all political & geographical issues aside what actually I think about both the countries. Both the countries or one country became two. One family became two. The issue became tough ever since we became two.

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