A Bond to Remember, Restore and Pamper by Anamta Nadeem

Introspect in you the very meaning of a bond you are willing to take for keeps be it with anyone, anything or with you only, it has to have a silver lining of trust and peace. We all want peace but do we really understand what does this word of five letters means. Though it has perspective clashes ranging from person to person but they all directs towards something that has freedom, that has tranquility leading to build relations, to prosper bonds and to overcome the evils. My country India has a brother whom it wants to live with , laugh and play. This neighbor cousin of my motherland is none other than our beloved nation Pakistan. Pakistan and India are names that have been taken together since ages and will continue even in future. Just like every other relationship there have been ups and downs, there were fights, wars but they can’t separate the two. The love between the two nations surpasses all the hatred and maliciousness. I have seen people longing for their near and dear ones in the other country. They exchange clothes, food, products, letters, calls and admire the other place with respect and love. We can find ladies watching Pakistani series, following their dressing pattern. Pakistani talent is migrating to India and welcomed with utmost appreciation. Despite tensions and stress both countries are firm on keeping the friendship to another level. There have been peace treaties laid out to strengthen the relationship, the governments are trying to maintain peace and harmony. Now why peace what’s the need? You might be thinking over it but a very simple example is peace can increase your mental reasoning and contemplation. When you are at peace you think for others as well along with you, you will end up making rational choices and those that are pleasant in terms of livelihood and satisfaction. Peace is the requirement in every relationship so why not between India and Pakistan. We do claim us to be most protective but when it comes to hatred we are the one who want to let it out as soon as possible. This instability of soul can be taken away with peace of mind, peace of heart and peace between people, between nations and lands and culture.


Yes, every step is opening up new ways.

Yes, we are separated but together.

From the time of Jinnah and colonization, we overcome the most harsh of the survivals.

With those folks who gave their lives for us, let us take this bond till infinity.

To a level above all hatred and dislikes.

To a place of utopia and ecstasy, rejoice and love.

Let us unite us with PEACEā€¦. the one not on paper, not in treaties but in souls.