• With Peace We All Can Win Together

    Youth for Peace International

  • Communication brings a rainbow of transparency.


    My hatred exaggerates with my ignorance and feeds my ego. Guftagu is an informal space to negotiate hatred.

  • Fun Frolic Fellowship and Peace

  • Peace is a contagious abstract, flows transparently through better bonding and friendships. Workshops are a great way to connect.

  • The crust of the earth I break, under the sun I heave.

  • When play binds beyond boundaries

  • Global citizenship Celebrating Inclusion and diversity

With Peace We All Can Win Together!


Our vision is to build a “Peaceful and Sustainable world”. YfPI envisions a peaceful world of empowered individuals and sustainable societies.


Our team of Peacebuilders is on a mission to train 170+ million young people in India with values like Non-violence, Inclusiveness,


At YfPI we commit to providing creative and sustainable solutions to address 'Glo-cal' problems and venture safe spaces for the culture of dialogue and discussion to proliferate.

Latest News


A torn child And burning flames A cry for love A cry for hate the rain is shed And blood […]

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A chat with Siddhi Pal

We see, we understand, but the quest to bring the change remains questionable and absent. A simple Facebook post can change […]

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Community Walk Event In Rohingya Camp

There is this boy. Alone. He seems lost. Playing with a trash bag. Kicking it back and forth. Concentrated. Distracted. […]

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Look inside yourself. What do you see? An empty black void that consumes your consciousness and slowly you get pushed […]

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Thinking Beyond Oneself In Life

Srishti Chauhan, Trustee YFPI , shares a very personal experience of hers in the camp and how she is looking at […]

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‘Sangharsha’- Reaching out to the Refugee

Demonetisation in India did not only render Indians helpless it affected the refugees more so, lives altered evermore by trauma […]

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Global Youth Peace Security Agenda

From Syria to Kashmir and beyond, the stories of morbid fatality rates through civil wars is structuring rigid International crisis on security issues, in turn creating refugee crisis. With the contemporary global politics shifting toward extremism, we saw that 1/3rd of the global young population suffered due to violent conflicts

The United Nations Security Council looking into the same adopted the Resolution 2250 on the 9th of December, 2015. This brought to light the importance of engaging the youth in problems of conflicts and security and also to empower them in all possible ways in the peacebuilding processes

It acknowledges the urgent need to engage young women and men in promoting peace. Recognizing the threat to stability and development posed by the rise of radicalization among young people, the Security Council urged the Member States to consider ways to give youth a greater voice in decision-making at the local, national, regional and international levels.

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